About Us

We know from experience that emotions can drive decisions as much or more than facts and logic. Although these decisions may meet short-term goals, they made lead to problems in the long-term.  Relationship and interpersonal dynamics must be managed within the context of legal regulations.

Let us employ our expertise and sensitivity as advisors and attorneys to provide you legal services that also bring piece of mind to you and peace within your family.

Our Approach

At The Penning Group, we know cannot help you until we understand your problem.  We need to talk to you to learn more, and you need to speak with us to ensure you've found the right advisor.  Nothing is more important. 

That’s why we begin our process by a no-fee, no-obligation meeting either by phone or in-person.  This approach allows both you and our firm to determine if we are a “good fit.”

Over the past 25 years, we’ve excelled at helping people, families and businesses create customized, long term, win-win solutions that answer their legal challenges and meet their planning needs. 

Our People

Learn more about our advisors and attorneys—their accreditations, areas of expertise, and community involvement. We think you'll appreciate the right-minded approach our group can provide.

Dan A. Penning

Karen M. Schaub
Susan K. Siep