Welcome to The Penning Group!

As you may be aware, we recently decided to start a new firm, The Penning Group. The Penning Group Advisors and AttorneysWe have two offices, one in Detroit (Farmington Hills) and another office in the Traverse City (Suttons Bay) area, serving clients across Michigan, the U.S. and abroad.
Starting today, you can visit and learn more about us at our website, www.PenningGroup.com. But before you do, we want to share a bit about The Penning Group.
Over the past few years, we've actively researched best practices for advisory and law firms. We took a blank sheet approach in learning how best to communicate with our clients, be more proactive and effective in representing them, etc. Our goal was to use technology to become be a better firm and, in turn, to help our clients become more successful.
Our new website is an example of how we'll be functioning as a 'digital age' firm. But please know we'll also be announcing a number of opportunities in the near future, for our clients and referral sources to interact and help us create exciting new procedures.
We also addressed important strategic questions, such as "Who do we want to be as a firm?", "What types of clients and situations do we best serve?" and "What are the things that makes us unique as a firm?"
Having been in practice for 25 years, you'd think we would instinctively know the answers to these questions. In large part, we did. The Penning Group Advisors and AttorneysBut with the help of outside experts, and feedback from folks like you, we learned much more than we could have imagined.
The experts confirmed our "sweet spot" as a firm is planning … more specifically, with planning for family businesses … and the people who own them. Also, planning for individual clients' assets, including legacy assets like the family cottage or farm. So no surprises there. 'What' we do isn't going to change.
But at the same time, research they conducted with our clients and referral sources told us that 'how' we provide service is unique. Repeatedly, you described us as:

  • Professional; knows what they're doing
  • Understandable; simplifies complex issues
  • Thorough; keeps their promises
  • Fair; never overcharged

And you consistently described your experiences with us, using terms like:

  • Refreshing; unlike most lawyers
  • Personable; we work well together
  • Comfortable; cares about client's interests
  • Honest; always tells the truth

Your insights were both gratifying and humbling. And importantly, these research findings led directly to the 'tagline' we're using for The Penning Group:
Right-minded planning + solutions + results
The dictionary defines right-minded as "having an honest mind, and likely to do what is right." Pretty lofty stuff. And while we were initially uncomfortable with this word, (e.g. did it seem boastful?), the research absolutely confirmed its authenticity. Because you were the ones saying so, not us imagining it to be true.
We're convinced stating publicly that we're right-minded is a win-win idea. It says something honestly true about us as a firm. It sets an expectation for us to live up to, and for you to judge us by. Personally, we find it quite motivating to be held to the standard of right-mindedness. We trust you will too.
As you review The Penning Group website, please feel free to pass along your observations and suggestions. Since you were the ones who guided its formation, it's only fitting that you're the ones helping us become even better advisors and attorneys.
So welcome to The Penning Group! Here's to another 25 years of right-minded planning, solutions and results.
Dan A. Penning