Employment Law Guidebook

Employment Law Handbook

The U.S. Department of Labor publishes a guidebook to provide businesses with general information on the laws and regulations that the Department enforces. The guidebook describes the statutes most commonly applicable to businesses and explains how to obtain assistance from the Department for complying with them.

Bad Checks - What to Do About Them?

Bad Checks. What to Do About Them

Why did the check bounce? Most often, it is because of a mistake by your customer. On rare occasions, it is the result of the bank's mistake. With a few simple steps, you can minimize the incidents and impact of NSF (non-sufficient funds) checks and associated "bad check" fees from your bank.

Employees' Use of Cloud Storage

Employees' Use of Cloud Storage

Your Business May Need an Explicit Privacy Policy

Employers are discovering that cloud storage services are a great way to access work-related data at home and on the road, and to collaborate with co-workers, especially those who work remotely.

Common Estate Planning Blunders Not to Make

Common Estate Planning Blunders Not to Make

When it comes to checking tasks off of your financial to-do list, estate planning is probably the last item you get to, and some people don't get to it at all.

It's really not your fault. After all, many people think it’s morbid to think about preparing for death, and others often don't know where to start, so they simply don't get started.