Approach Year-End Giving with the Following in Mind

Approach Year-End Giving with the Following in Mind

As we approach the end of the year, I often get renewed questions from individuals asking about the rules concerning gifts, taxes and related matters. The following are some important factors to keep in mind as you consider making gifts to family members, charities and other beneficiaries: 

Legal Issues for Business and Social Media

Legal Issues for Business and Social Media

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon, and the law is just beginning to catch up with the issues that are being raised for businesses. 

Life Insurance As Part of Your Estate Plan

Life Insurance as Part of Your Estate Plan

Even if you have a relatively modest estate, life insurance can be an important part of your estate planning for the obvious reason that it can substantially increase the estate’s value. In the case where there’s a premature death and a young family is in need of support, life insurance may be the primary means for that family's financial survival.

Life Happens

Life Happens Life insurance has evolved to keep up with changing consumer demands

The following guest blog is written by Ted Kotsakis, Chief Executive Officer of PLUS Financial Network. He has been in the insurance business since 1985 and has held managerial positions with Prudential and AIG Life prior to creating PLUS Financial Network.

Employment Law Guidebook

Employment Law Handbook

The U.S. Department of Labor publishes a guidebook to provide businesses with general information on the laws and regulations that the Department enforces. The guidebook describes the statutes most commonly applicable to businesses and explains how to obtain assistance from the Department for complying with them.