Estate Planning for Clients' Digital Assets

Estate Planning for Digital AssetsEstate planning for a client's digital assets is an area of law that is still fairly new. However, I have experienced increasing demand by clients for services in this area as we continue to run full speed into the digital age.

This article will briefly identify some of the issues involving digital assets and steps that you can take to protect your digital assets as part of your estate planning efforts.

Advisor Alert: Payroll Tax Cut Bill Passed By Congress

Advisor AlertAfter much debate and political wrangling, Congress voted to extend a 2% Social Security payroll tax cut and to renew long term unemployment benefits for the rest of 2012. The tax cut effectively reduces the amount of wages withheld by your employer for payment/contribution to social security resulting in higher net income to you.

Planning for College Expenses

Planning For CollegeRecently I celebrated my birthday with my family on a great Saturday evening.

Welcome to The Penning Group!

As you may be aware, we recently decided to start a new firm, The Penning Group. The Penning Group Advisors and AttorneysWe have two offices, one in Detroit (Farmington Hills) and another office in the Traverse City (Suttons Bay) area, serving clients across Michigan, the U.S. and abroad.

What Happens to Credit Card Debt After Death?

Credit card debt after deathYou can't take it with you, but do credit card bills follow you into the grave? Does the debt die with you? Or, can it come back and haunt those you leave behind?

General Rule:

When Employers Can Be Liable for an Employee's Debt

Creditors use employer garnishment errors to collect entire debt from employers

Employer Social Media Policies and Employee Rights

Judge Rules on Employee and Facebook Post

Automobile Rentals – What Every Person Should Know About Insurance Issues


Car Rental Companies Offer Optional Damage WaiverHave you ever stood at an automobile rental counter while traveling staring at a rental contract trying to figure out what the insurance options mean? “Should I buy additional coverage through the rental car company or am I paying for coverage I already have based on my insurance coverage for my own vehicle?”

Suttons Bay Fireworks 2011

Fireworks Aren't Just for Kids!

Our "thank you" to our community

Unexpected Mental Illness and the Designation of a Patient Advocate

Many of us know someone or will possibly be responsible for someone that is affected by mental illness. Yet, many patients have not executed patient advocate designations for psychiatric care. Psychiatric illness may come on quite suddenly and can be traced to metabolic imbalances, drug interactions, and other situations that, initially, may not appear to pose a threat to someone's mental health.