Client Perspectives

We commissioned an independent research study in December 2011 to help us understand what our clients thought about the firm. Here’s a sample of their comments:

  • “Dan was a refreshing change. He sees the big picture and gets to the point. He’s easy to talk with. His bill was a fraction of our previous firm’s.”
  • “Dan looks you in the eye. He’s an honest man. He talks to you in regular terms. He knows what he’s doing and his answers make sense.”
  • “Dan has a wonderful manner. He’s humble but smart. He talks about law in a way that doesn’t make people feel stupid. He keeps his promises.”
  • “Dan treats me like a friend. He takes things personally, knows when to call others for help, follows through and gets things done.”
  • “First class and professional. A responsive, capable, thorough, knowledgeable and honest firm. I’ve referred 10 people to them.”