Client Perspectives

We commissioned an independent research study in December 2011 to help us understand what our clients thought about the range and quality of our services. Here’s a sample of their comments:

  • “We’ve worked with Dan a lot over the years. They’ve proven they can handle whatever matter comes up.”
  • “Dan’s carried the ball for me personally and for my firm. The work he did gave me the confidence to have him do our corporate work.”
  • “The quality of Dan’s processes are exceptional. As a writer and a legal expert. He’s also a very good counselor.”
  • “Dan has a lot of reference points. I’ve never seen him say ‘I’ve never done that before. I need to research that.’ He continues to surprise me.”
  • “Dan has a medium size firm that gives you the quality of a large firm. But with a smaller firm’s price and priority as a client.”