Cottage Law

Cottage Law is affiliated with The Penning Group, as a specialist professional services firm for family cottages, vacation homes and second homes in Michigan.

Our goal is to help families protect and preserve their cottage, through proactive planning and taking a multi-generational perspective. We take special care to help create a right-minded balance between your family’s considerations and your financial and legal issues. This includes everything from a cottage succession plan, to a cottage operating agreement.

The Cottage Law practice areas include:

  • Cottage Protection
  • Family Use + Sharing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Succession Planning
  • Estate Planning + Tax Matters
  • Family Facilitation + Mediation
  • Cottage LLCs + Trusts
  • Real Estate Tax Planning

If you’ve been thinking about your cottage, vacation or second home, we invite you to learn more about Cottage Law at