Right-Minded Planning + Solutions + Results

Right-minded. Defined as having an honest mind, and likely to do what is right. According to our clients, this word best captures the essence of The Penning Group.

What Do We Do?

Consider our name. We are advisors as well as attorneys.  What does that mean to you as a client?  We are advocates for spending time with a legal advisor engaged in thoughtful planning that considers both the legal and practical dynamics so crucial to preserving a family business, a cherished vacation home, planning a business transaction or planning for your estate. Legal documents by themselves might protect the property in question, but they won’t always protect the larger goals of your family, including unity, legacy and fairness.

Who Do We Serve?

We maintain offices in the Detroit, Grand Rapids and Traverse City, Michigan, areas. Our clients are located throughout the state of Michigan, the country and abroad.

If you’re looking for an advisor or attorney, we invite you to contact us. See for yourself what right-minded planning could mean for your business, family, estate, family cottage or property tax matters.